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We Are the Dwarves!’ is a story-driven real-time tactical action game about the three dwarven astronauts in the Stone Universe looking for the warm and bright Stars. An accident with the drill-like Starship brought them to an unknown part of the Universe, pushing into dangerous circumstances, but that’s where the adventure begins! The dwarves will meet ancient races and giant monsters on their mission and it's up to you, who commands the trio, how to deal with them. Depending on what you want from the game - stealth or slasher - you can choose how to play with your dwarf team.

Main features

  • Single-player control of one to three characters;
  • Real-time tactical combat in a unique setting;
  • Stealth or slasher mode - depending on player;
  • Active game pause and sequence of moves (stack of commands);
  • Environment interactions, natural traps.

As opposed to the Universe we live in, everything is inverted here: the space void between stars and planets is replaced by unlimited Eternal stone, and life is possible only in the rare hollows. All life forms in this Stone Universe are gathered around the Stars – magical giant crystals, which give light and warmth.

Dwarves - one race among many, are at the edge of extinction, because the Stars have mysteriously gone out. Forcer, Smashfist and Shadow are the only survivors of a drilling starship expedition, and their mission is to find a new Star for the dwarven folk.

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